Brevard Breast Help 2019 Pink Check Award

Brevard Breast Help 2019 PINK CHECK AWARD

On Saturday, October 26, 2019, Ultimate Wellness Association Breast Cancer Foundation continued its tradition of awarding a $1000 Pink Check to a Breast Cancer Fighter. This year was a little different as it was done for the first time in the USA under its new name Brevard Breast Help. The award was presented at Ultimate Wellness Association, Melbourne, to a 55 year old former nurse Cheryl Lavalle. She was overjoyed and brought to tears as she was awarded with a check of $1000 from the Family of Bithiah’Fadheela’ Gedaliah.

Ultimate Wellness Association was founded 6 years ago by Fadheela, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor herself. After experiencing the disease and going through the experience of having a Double mastectomy, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, Fadheela desired a platform on which to reach out to others like herself and encourage them along their path. With that in mind, she became passionate and began her work helping Breast Cancer patients.

The nomination for The Brevard Breast Help Pink Cheque Award was open to residents of Brevard County and many nominations were received by the foundation. They came from concerned family members, friends and patients themselves. Cheryl, a nurse since 1985, wife and mother of 2, was one of those stories and to her surprise she was selected­ as the 2019 Pink Check Awardee and could not wait to tell her story hoping to help others.

Cheryl was diagnosed in 2014 after having a dream of being in a chair receiving chemo, she examined herself and found a lump, did a mammogram and biopsy. Shortly after, she was diagnosed with stage 2 Breast Cancer. She decided on a lumpectomy, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She stated that the worse part of her treatment was the radiotherapy. “Just sitting still and having eyes stare at me while I was exposed, brought me to tears many times.” But her story was not over. On a follow up PET scan 1 year after her diagnosis, hoping all things would be well, she found out her cancer had spread to her bones and liver. Now no longer a stage 2 but 4 – She was now diagnosed with the deadliest form of breast cancer – Metastatic Breast Cancer. Her struggles became harder as her options became more limited because she became resistant to treatments. She mentioned breaking down very often and how grateful she is to her husband of 12 years Hector, who stood by her at her worst, she said. She is now unable to work, misses her job greatly, but channels her energy into fighting cancer not only for herself but others. She has become friends with breast cancer patients and been vocal about her story in hopes of saving others”

She stated that medical bills, appointments, treatments and their side effects have been the way of life, for the past 5 years for both her husband and herself. “My dream for our 12th wedding anniversary is to renew our vows and have our romantic wedding experience one more time. Hector is the love of my life. I want to give him this to hold onto after I leave this earth. He has showed me life and love. This money would give us the opportunity to escape cancer for a few days and focus on our love and amazing 12 years of marriage.”

Their Trip will be this November 12th and we at the Gedaliah Family at Brevard Breast Help wishes them all the best and hope they have a fulfilling trip. We hope that Cheryl’s cancer will be more responsive to her new treatments and that she will continue helping others.

The check was presented by Fadheel’s daughters Priscilla and Max-Anne. “This has given us the opportunity to honor another fighter, to let her feel special, and to let her know she is not alone. We hope to widen our reach as we seek to be more helpful in our community.”

If you have any questions, feel free to email or call 321-220- 3291.