On Tuesday October 30, 2017, the Ultimate Wellness Association (UWA) continued its tradition of awarding The UWA Breast Cancer $100000 Pink Cheque Award to a Breast Cancer Fighter and Survivor. The Award was presented at the El Greco Resort in Montego Bay to 51 year old Jacqueline Campbell who is a Breast Cancer Survivor for 8 years. She was ecstatic as she was awarded with a cheque of $100,000 from the Founder of the UWA Breast Cancer Foundation, Dr. Bithiah Gedaliah.

Ultimate Wellness Association was founded 4 years ago by Gedaliah, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor herself. After experiencing the disease and going through the experience of having a Double mastectomy, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, Bithiah desired a platform on which to reach out to others like herself and encourage them along their path. With that in mind, she became passionate and began her work.

This year the nomination for The UWA Pink Cheque Award was open nationwide and many nominations were received by the foundation. They came from concerned family members, friends and patients themselves from all over Jamaica and was kept confidential. Ms. Campbell, wife and mother of 4, was one of those stories and to her surprise she was selected­ as the 2017 UWA Pink Cheque Awardee and could not wait to tell her story hoping to help someone. Ms. Campbell had a Radio Interview with Keleine Maye on Mello FM and did an on Camera at Home Interview with representatives of UWA which can be viewed on the foundation’s website at www.ultimatewellnessassociatiation.com. In the interview, she elaborated on her story from discovering a lump on self-examination, her Stage 3 diagnosis in 2007, to her treatment and surgery that were done at the Cornwall Regional Hospital headed by General Surgeon, on the case, Dr. Delroy Fray. In her interview she explained that despite the initial hiccups with her diagnosis, her persistence helped to lead her in the right direction to the care of the Cornwall Regional Hospital. She stated that support for church members, husband, children and friends was what kept her through her ordeal. She said “I was not allowed to feel down because of the support I got.” She further explained the main reason she got support was because she was verbal about her condition and encouraged others to not be quiet, it is nothing to be ashamed of, and in being vocal is how you get help

Ms. Campbell’s gratitude and excitement was endless, and explained how much this money will help her and her family. She was surrounded by friends and family on receiving The UWA Pink Cheque Award which was presented to her by Dr. Yochel Williams. They expressed how much they were excited, encouraged and uplifted by the donation. This was UWA in action not just promoting prevention and early diagnosis but helping those who are fighting and surviving Breast Cancer.

Nomination are open January for 2018 UWA Pink Cheque Award. UWA is seeking heroes. Identify your Hero and email at ultimatewellnessassociation@gmail.com or call 876 805 2228 . You can visit the website at www.ultimatewellnessassociation.com/breast-cancer

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