Breast Cancer Survivor UWA's Dr. B. Gedaliah made JA$100k donation at the annual UWA Breast Canc


On Sunday October 30, 2016, the Ultimate Wellness Association (UWA) held their annual Breast Cancer Dinner at the Holiday Inn Hotel. Mrs. Angillee Russell shed tears of gratitude as she was awarded with a cheque of $100,000 from the Founder of the UWA Breast Cancer Foundation, Dr. Bithiah Gedaliah.

left Dr Farin Williams, center Ms. A Russell, right Dr Yochel Samuels Williams

UWA was founded 3 years ago by Gedaliah, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor herself. After suffering the ordeal of Double mastectomy, Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy, Gedaliah decided to reach out to people like herself, in whatever way she possible can. Upon that, she became very passionate and believes that no one should have to go through this terrible disease alone.

Dr. Bithiah Gedalaih

The event hosted performances from the sensational singer, Danella Barnett which brought Russell to tears, the Trelawny Song and Dance Ensemble and tributes to the founder Dr. Gedaliah which highlighted her journey before her diagnosis and her triumph after her double mastectomy.

Mrs. A. Russell Gray was honoured this year as a Breast Cancer Survivor. Russell was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at age 45 (2014) after self-discovery of a lump in her right breast. Mammogram report along with a CT (done because of pain in her back) confirmed the terrible news. After many sessions of rigorous Chemotherapy and Mastectomy she is being referred to as “miracle patient” by her doctor. Russell was treated at the Cornwall Regional Hospital in St. James.

The guest speaker, Dr. Yochel Samuels-Williams accompanied by her husband Dr. Farin Williams (Naturopathic Specialist) expressed deep interest in partnering with UWA in such a positive initiative in the fight against Breast Cancer, especially in the Western Region.

Russel was overwhelmed with joy and gratitude to the point she could not contain herself. She wept uncontrollably as many tried to console her. When finally able speak she said “it was like a breath of fresh air. If it wasn’t for Dr. Gedaliah, I wouldn’t feel this special. No one has ever helped me like her before”

Dr. Bithiah Gedaliah

Patrons expressed how much they were enlightened and uplifted and pledge to support UWA in the fight against cancer as they Stop it before it hits home.

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