Bithiah Gedaliah - 3 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the right breast. After much investigation, I decided to do a double mastectomy, which was followed by radiation and 1 years of chemotherapy. This journey was not easy and filled with many low points.

I have decided to make the best of this journey. I choose to be better for it. I am going to live my life to the fullest. Life is too short to hide under a bushel. So I have decided to LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH. It is my time to shine and I’m living LOUD!

Through my experience I have realized despite the many support systems for breast cancer, there was a need for more personal intimate support. Someone to physically hold your hand listen to you, and not just put you through the decision stages like a machine or just provide promotional items.

I now want to be there for someone who need the physical emotional support and I want to tell someone that if I made it through, You can also. Hence the UWA Breast Cancer Foundation.

To let your story be heard email us your experience, along with pictures you would like to display, to Your story could be apart of Clarity Magazine and UWA website. We cant wait to help you spread you story.