Oral Sex- Hygiene Importance

Cleanliness in Oral Sexual Practices

There are three parts to this story, Penis, Vagina, Mouth times 2. How important is Hygiene. It is an important part of Sexual Health. Odour can be a big turn off and cleanliness a big turn on.

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For men whose penis has not been circumcised, they should pull back the foreskin to wash, which is a simple task that they have been doing since childhood. If an uncircumcised man does not regularly retract his foreskin for washing, then a substance called smegma may build up beneath the foreskin and cause an unpleasant smell as well as a home for bacterial growth.

Women, the truth is, a healthy vagina cleans itself! It is very much cleaner than the mouth and should be odourless ( excluding the very mild odour that can arise from a long day at work but even then it should be very clean. A woman’s vulva (the outside parts of the genitals) can be easily irritated by soaps, laundry detergents and feminine hygiene products such as feminine deodorizers and douches. Douching actually works against the normal natural cleaning mechanism of the vagina and should be avoided. Many vulvovaginal health experts generally recommend that water and one’s hand are all that are needed to wash a woman’s genitals.

The mouth, the dirtiest thing in this whole equation and should not be underestimated. It has been assessed that there are approximately 100 million microbes of bacteria for every milliliter of saliva (100,000,000 per ml) and anywhere from 400 to 600 different species. There is lots of spaces between teeth and gum and tongue for unwanted bacteria to hide. The average mouth is said to be more dirty than an average toilet seat, that should put things into perspective.

Remember to brush 2- 3 times a day or after meals, floss often to get those stuck food particles, scrub tongue thoroughly and use a mouth wash which is good at reducing the bacterial load of the mouth.

It is also healthy to do these practices after oral sex to help lower the risk of infection from bacterial transfer to the mouth. Gargling with mouth wash before and after is fine but be careful. Wait a while after using mouthwash or brushing to perform oral sex. Mint flavoured products can burn and make the experience quite uncomfortable . No scientific evidence to prove this theory. But you can be the judge if the theory makes sense.

With all of that said, It is always good to be informed for yourself and not to follow blindly and remember honesty about yourself and willingness to please your spouse is the only way to have a satisfying sexual relationship.

Risk of Infection

Although you can't get pregnant from oral sex. Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) such as herpes, gonorrhoea and syphilis and HPV. Click to READ MORE

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