Does Your Man Have A FOOT FETISH?

The mere mention of the word “fantasy” arouses thoughts of a “wish list” But “fetish”? One’s mind quickly thinks of “freaks”. But in reality: A fetish is just a specific type of fantasy—and one that more people have than you probably realize.

It is simply put just a pronounced obsession with otherwise non-sexual objects or body part, Foot Fetishes being number one on the list. Though criminal cases are uncommon, fetishism itself is surprisingly popular. Nearly half of all such fetishes are on feet, and another two-thirds of fetishes for “objects associated with the body” are for shoes and socks. So you can see it is pretty common. No big deal.

Men with a foot fetish might want to:

Worship your feet, Suck on your toes, Rub and Tickle your feet.

They may ask you to walk on them, or wear your stockings in their face.

They may be fixated on the size and shape of your foot, your toes, toenails, shoes, scent of your feet, etc.

They may even ask to sniff your socks or if they don’t ask your socks may just go missing.

Is it really something to worry about? No, if you think he just likes your feet and you are comfortable with it. There’s nothing wrong with indulging your guy’s foot fetish. Just make sure that your needs are met and he is willing to do the things that get you sexually aroused too. It can’t just be about him and your feet.

It can be a problem if his fetish is arising from a deeper insecurity in sexual performance, if your intimate times are solely focused on your feet (pun intended) and you are not feeling sexually satisfied. In that case a serious discussion needs to be had. Either he needs to be reassured, instructed, or props introduced. Good sexually relationship comes from honest conversation and willingness to please your partner.

Any way having a man with a foot fetish cam be quite fun an enjoyable. So for those ladies keep your feet sexy and clean at all times, get pedicures often and have fun.