10 Tips to Bedroom Bliss

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Having a nice room to relax in and have fun should be a priority. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you and your bedroom should be your sanctuary. Your place of rest, relaxation and winding down after a long day should characterize just that. Working with these tips can lead you to your bedroom bliss.

Ultimate Wellness Association - 10 tips to bedroom bliss

1 Choose your colours wisely – wall colours should be calm and to your liking. This will help to create the surrounding you want and make it relaxing and light.

2 Mood lighting - bedside lamps, and occasionally candles can attract a calming atmosphere.

3 Choose Light furniture – Heavy and bulky furniture will crowd a room, while thin designs will keep the room light and romantic.

4 Keep Your Bed Inviting – Choice of bed lining should be comfortable, cozy, and well fitted for a neat and elegant look. The design as well should also reflect the mood of the room.

5 Pillows - Add more pillows. A pair of flat pillows – Not sexy . Pillows can help to create a master suite look. Not to mention the added comfort.

6 Don’t use your bedroom as a storage – clutter breeds chaos, which is less ideal for a soothing and relaxing environment.

7 Don’t use your bed as a closet. Clothes on a bed makes it uninviting, and can cause uncomfortable sleep and restlessness.

8 Don’t use your bedroom as a workstation - Unless it is the right kind of “work”. No project, no reports, and no chores. Associating your bedroom with work will make it difficult to see it as your sanctuary.

9 Captivating Aroma – Make your room smell wonderful. Some items that can help in this area are Candles, fragrance plug-ins and perfumes. Scent can stimulate and create a romantic mood.

10 Music – Well that’s up to you. Music creates the atmosphere. Depends on the mood you are in or want to get in.

Now start enjoying your bedroom.

Try out these tips in our Two Week Bedroom Bliss Challenge. Let us know how it goes. Would love to hear from you . Share and Comment.

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