Ultimate Wellness Breast Cancer Intl

Dr. Bithiah Gedalaih - Founder of UWA

Ultimate Wellness Breast Cancer Intl.

Here at UWA we know that there are many Breast Cancer support systems available to your advantage. What we want to add and focus on is the emotional, spiritual and mental part of dealing with knowing you have breast cancer. Sometimes you may just want an ear to listen, a shoulder to cry on or arms to hold you. But not just any ear, preferably, someone who has gone through the same ordeal as yourself. Someone who won’t just talk. But knows what you are talking about and can relate to that level of experience. Someone who knows to tough decisions ahead of you. Doctors and nurses can do their best to treat the condition but sometimes you need the emotional support of a person. Someone willing to spend the time to help you through the stages of emotional strain. We offer that kind of patience and understanding. UWA IS AVAILABLE FOR YOU. Come into our office for one of our starter packages

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