The Fadheela Live Show hosts The Trelawny Song and Dance Ensemble

The Trelawny Song and Dance Ensemble, made an outstanding contribution to the South Florida International Trade and Cultural Expo (FITCE), by sharing the Jamaican Arts through dance. (The folk and modern dance pieces performed at the show were choreographed by their dance Teacher – Joan Shields).

The group encountered obstacles while they were in the United States. However, their plight did not go unnoticed. The Fadheela Live Show organization wanted to make their trip more memorable . The group gladly accepted an invitation to be accommodated and entertained - courtesy of the Fadheela Live Show. Fadheela (the main host and brain child of the show) felt specially connected to this group, as not only is she from Falmouth in Trelawny but also she danced as a member of the group in her youth along with her sisters. This group has been a part of her family up to three generations.

Accommodations were provided by Fadheela’s Place. The organization planned an eventful packed weekend for them. From their first day they were able to enjoy wonderful meals, a pool and spa which were at their disposal 24/7. They were given a short tour and the opportunity to explore and shop. The kids notable had a blast and wanted to start planning for their next trip. They ended the day where they seem to love more than anything - The Spa. On day two before their departure, they were sponsored on a trip to the Andretti Thrill Park where they enjoyed roller coasters rides, kart racing (which seemed to have been a group favourite), rock climbing, laser tag, among other exciting activities. They also enjoyed a traditional Jamaican Meal for which they were very appreciative, (perhaps they were home sick).

Later that afternoon they joined the Fadheela Live Show host and crew on set, to showcase their talent. They displayed both folk and dancehall pieces. This was a great opportunity for the dance group – no more just a national group but now international. Highlights from this show was greatly appreciated by Jamaicans abroad who were very happy to see a bit of the Jamaica they love and miss, both in the US and the UK. The clip was also appreciated by online magazines such as Exposed Caribbean Art and Culture Magazine and Jamaican Vybz.

The Group had a memorable trip. We thank them for doing their part in continuing the Jamaican culture and traditions. We wish them all the best in their endeavors. Our gratitude goes to the mother of the group who has kept it alive these many years. Thanks also to the various individuals who made this possible, in looking out for our youths and helping them to become more rounded and respectable adults.