DOING WHAT YOU LOVE How Fadheela’s Garden helped in her fight against Breast Cancer

The moment you hear these words “You have cancer,” your world changes instantly. You immediately begin to worry about how this will change your life, affect your loved ones, and you also feel as if you are staring death in the face. Your thoughts begin to question, how have you lived and all the living you have left to do. Also, the struggles that will have to be faced, what to do next and how do you fight? These are all very serious concerns and you need to take time to make these and more important decisions that are ahead.

But how do you continue living for you? How do you take up the reins of your life while fighting this deadly disease? Talk to you doctor, discuss your situation with family and love ones, find your reasons to fight and hold on to them. Let your reason be your hope and your guide. However, in all of this, you need to live for you. You can start by doing what you LOVE.

Everyone has a hobby, that thing you love to do that brings a smile on your face, which can keep you focused. It’s whatever that brings your talent out, your God given gift, that makes you proud of yourself and who you are. It can help to change your outlook on life by renewing your mind. This will change your daily focus, thought patterns and relieve stress. If you don’t have an hobby as yet, this is your chance to try a myriad of activities and projects. One study shows that indulging in a hobby can improve mood and help counter depressive states.

The featured garden is Fadheela’s project. Fadheela is a 2 year cancer fighter and survivor, having endured a double mastectomy, chemotherapy and its gruesome side effects. While walking through her beautiful garden, I found it warm, cozy and charming. The luscious greenery, the array of colorful flowers, the soaring palm trees all came together quite elegantly, which was a true exotic beauty to observe.

Among the stand out must see features of the Garden are the eye-catching Flowering Doorway Arch, the Center Piece 3 Tier Fountain, the amazing Cottage-like Brick Work, the strong presence of multileveled, luxurious greenery, along with its well placed garden chairs and tables to sit and enjoy the rich, vibrant, cheerful and romantic blossoms .

“To wake in the mornings and see my garden is a true happiness of mine. To see what I’ve planted, grow and blossom under my hands is really enjoyable. Its beauty relaxes my mind and inspires me. I look forward to what I can do next. My garden just keeps getting better and better. I am doing what I love and enjoy it. Looking at what I’ve created really lifts my spirit and has been an important part of my healing process.”

So start today, by doing what you love. Add a project or two to your portfolio. This can help you and will inspire many others, in the same way Fadheela’s Garden has been doing.